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Deadspin is the latest site from Gawker Media. We cover sports here. We're not interested in gambling lines, fantasy football or injury reports; we've got Oddjack for that. And we're not some lame-ass ESPN Hollywood Tom Brady's-schtupping-Annabeth-Gish "Culture of Sports" pap either. We see sports as an endless well of stories, on-field and off, where the athletes are fascinating whether they're being tackled, being arrested or being lap-danced. It's a world we feel that you don't see enough of; we're here to try to change that.

We believe that the world of sports moves as fast, if not faster, than any other world. There
s a whole side of sports that, because of either corporate obligations or just plain laziness, never makes it into the public consciousness. We specialize in that side; we don't slop up free buffets, play golf with PR flaks or sneak autographs we say are for our nephew but we're actually gonna put on eBay within the hour. Put it this way: despite the NFL
s and ESPN
s best attempts, we haven
t forgotten about Ron Mexico.

We also are not writing this site as some part of careerist synergy to support our screaming, unhinged appearances on "Around the Horn," our wacky sitcom with the crazy but lovable neighbors or even our best-seller about imaginary spiritual conversations with our late nana. We are only trying to find and provide sports information on the web in a way that makes you forget, if just for the briefest of seconds, that you have to file that report/duplicate that invoice/fax that cover sheet/fluff that hairless dude.


The way this works, of course, is through tips, your tips, and we need them. Our line is always open at tips@deadspin.com. See an athlete down at the strip club, tipping poorly? Email us. See an ESPN anchor accidentally denigrate an entire ethnicity on live television? Email us. Serving as mistress for that high-profile family-values quarterback? Email us, email us, email us. We're nothing without you.

We are run by Will Leitch, an editor at The Black Table and author of two books, Catch and Life as a Loser. We are assisted by Rick Chandler, a former columnist for MSNBC. And we are kind souls who just want to make the world a better place. Come, join us!