Replica of The Linc in your back yard? Why not? "Invite Tony Romo over so he can feel what it's like to be in the Eagles' end zone." [The 700 Level]

This Is In No Way Stupid At All. Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl has called a press conference for this morning to announce that he is changing his name to Luke Steelerstahl. Eh, school tax hikes and bank robberies can wait. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Sports Guy In A Deep Hole. Which TV pundit has the best NFL playoff prediction record? Of course it's the NFL Today's Cris Collinsworth, at 6-1. He's followed by ESPN's Mike Golic at 6-2, and a host of folks at 5-3. Bill Simmons is 2-6, and Cris Carter brings up the rear at 1-7. And Keyshawn Johnson (4-4) was one of the few people to pick Arizona over Carolina. [Thanks to Geoff Decker at]

Tracking The Super Bowl Ticket Market. Prices are trending down, for whatever reason. May be time to pounce! []

Fair, Measured Wisdom From A Steelers Blog Comments Section. "Hey Raven Fan...Just remember
you’re only in this game because a ref didn’t blow his whistle when your team took 8 minutes to run a play on that final drive." [Behind The Steel Curtain]

A Ravens Blogger Responds. "I really hate Santonio Holmes, he is so rude. And Hines Ward is a fat lard that has no friends and should go suck his thumb in a corner because he’ll never accomplish anything in life. The Super Bowl MVP Voting was rigged. Boy, I hate the Steelers. And its the friggin’ AFC Championship!!! I am dialed!" [The Ebony Bird]


'It Tells Me We Want To Fight For Every Week'. Arizona fullback Terrell Williams' dying mother had a vision nine months ago that her son would be playing in the NFC Championship game. [NBCSports]

Forget Boston, We Have A New City To Hate. "No matter where a New York fan turns these days, a vulgar scent of cheesesteak taints the atmosphere and distorts the schedule of sports events on our flat-screen televisions. Philadelphia is the new Boston, suddenly. Maybe not as prim and haughty, but every bit as dangerous and much, much sneakier. [New York Daily News]

I, Robot. Conan O'Brien: Absolutely no love for Cleatus, the Fox robot. [Awful Announcing]