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Report: Andrew Bynum Hurt Himself While Bowling

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Andrew Bynum will finally play for the 76ers when ... oh, who fucking knows? Bynum hasn't played or practiced this season because he and his haircut were traded to Philly this summer with chronic knee problems. The injury that had kept him sidelined was a bone bruise in his right knee, and Bynum has already pushed back his return date more than once.


Earlier this week, the Sixers announced that the right knee would keep Bynum out until at least January. But Friday, Bynum told reporters he "had a little bit of a setback" with his left knee. And now ESPN is saying something bad recently happened while Bynum was out bowling.


Brian Windhorst and Chris Broussard reported tonight that bowling caused Bynum to sustain "an unspecified injury this month." The report doesn't say exactly what happened, or whether bowling caused an injury to either knee, or whether the injury involved some other part of Bynum's body. Just this:

There are several activities that are prohibited in standard NBA player contracts, but bowling is not one of them. Bynum is known to enjoy bowling.

The report cites "multiple sources," though it doesn't say whether The Dude was one of them.

Andrew Bynum hurt while bowling [ESPN]

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