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The Raiders are three days away from their first game of the season, and as is now tradition, they’re getting caught up in bullshit. The team has reportedly considered whether to suspend Antonio Brown for most of the week over a heated argument he had with GM Mike Mayock, sparked by the team’s decision to fine Brown for missing two practices.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Thursday that Brown threatened to punch Mayock after a “screaming match,” and today, we’ve learned more about the substance of said screaming match. ESPN’s Josina Anderson has the good details:

A Raiders source confirmed Brown was unhappy with the fine levied by the team and, seeing Mayock watching practice, walked over and initiated an exchange with the GM. The Raiders source confirmed information from another league source who said Brown called Mayock a “cracker” and unleashed a barrage of “cuss words” during the altercation.


Mayock, in turn, was unhappy that Brown complained about the fines in public, and though Brown threatened him, the two never came to blows thanks in part to notoriously level-headed teammate Vontaze Burfict. Brown seems to have cooled off, and according to Anderson, he’s moved on to bringing the team together with an emotional apology.

Surely this can’t be the end of it, though.

Update (1:56 p.m. ET): Jon Gruden says Brown will play on Monday.


Update (3:59 p.m. ET): Brown has denied using the word “cracker” and has claimed there was not a scuffle of any sort.

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