Photo: Nick Wass/Associated Press

TMZ reported today that Detroit Pistons guard Avery Bradley “entered into a confidentiality agreement” with a woman who said he sexually assaulted her while she was “passed out drunk” on May 23 in Cleveland. The agreement with the woman was reached earlier this year, according to TMZ.

Bradley played for the Boston Celtics at the time, and was in Cleveland to play the Cavaliers in Game Four of the Eastern Conference Finals. From TMZ:

After the incident, the woman contacted Bradley and accused him of assaulting her. The two sides came together to work out a deal to keep her quiet and prevent her from releasing any video, photos or audio.

A Cleveland police spokeswoman said today that that the department did not have any records in its system with Bradley’s name. A lawyer for Bradley, with the firm Lavely & Singer, told TMZ that his client “denies having engaged in wrongdoing whatsoever” and that “sole purpose of the agreement was to protect the reputation and privacy of Mr. Bradley and his family.”

TMZ doesn’t give a final amount for the agreement but reports that the negotiations were up to $400,000.