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It has not been a good day for Ball State defensive end Jonathan Newsome, seen here during happier times in 2009, after securing a trip to the Rose Bowl as a member of Ohio State. Newsome transferred to Ball State last year and was ready to join the team after sitting out his redshirt season. Except, well, he was arrested a few days ago after cops pulled him over and found pot in the car. Today, the university announced he would sit out the first two games of the season, but now a stiffer punishment might be on the way for Newsome.

From Doug Zaleski of The Star Press:

Newsome was arrested early Monday morning and charged with possession of marijuana. The discovery came after he was stopped by Muncie police for failing to use a turn signal while driving near campus.

A records check after the traffic stop reflected the Jeep's Washington, D.C., license plate was expired, and also made the officer aware of an outstanding warrant on a charge of conversion.

In searching the vehicle, the officer said he found a wallet, next to the driver's seat, that contained Newsome's bank card, his BSU student ID card and "a clear plastic bag containing green plant material."


Then, just a short time ago, Zaleski tweeted this addendum to his earlier reporting:


Zaleski had indicated earlier today that the outstanding warrant was for a possible shoplifting. Provided this latest incident doesn't worsen Newsome's suspension, he'll be eligible to play again on September 15 against Indiana. And while details are scarce and we obviously don't know whose idea this was, it sure must be awkward to turn to a teammate and say, "Look, man, I'm going to go steal some Viagra or something from the Rite Aid and I need you to help me out." There are ways to build team unity, but that just doesn't sound like a winning plan.

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