Report: Bill Belichick Chewed Out Gronk In Front Of Teammates For Using Tom Brady's Sketchy Guru

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However the relationship between Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady stands now, it’s clear that the former still takes issue with the latter’s body coach and business partner Alex Guerrero. Belichick last season reportedly banned Guerrero from the team’s sidelines and revoked his access, and a new report suggests the head coach wanted tight end and upside-down triangle Rob Gronkowski to stay far away from Guerrero.

Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald dropped that little tidbit in a story about how Gronk has been looking rather thin, although according to her, he’s only five pounds below his playing weight. (The TE’s weight loss was supposed to be a sign that he’s moving away from football, as earlier this year it was reported he was contemplating retirement.) Belichick reportedly took a little dig at Gronk for using the TB12 method:

Typically, he plays at 265 pounds. Right now, I’m told he’s 260, but will be back up to his usual weight (if not a few pounds heavier) by the time camp rolls around. Given that scenario, there wouldn’t seem to be an issue.

Except Guerrero and his treatment of Patriots players beyond Brady is a polarizing subject in and around Patriot Place. Everything seems to be up for debate.

Plus, Gronkowski’s quest for pliability may have even stirred up some of the reported friction between Bill Belichick and his star tight end.

At one point early last season, the Hoodie chastised Gronk in front of the players for being a TB12 client, according to a source. So maybe that was Belichick’s not-so-subtle way of trying to keep everyone from jumping ship on the team’s training staff.


There are a lot of rising tensions to keep track of as the Patriots prepare on their quest for a third straight Super Bowl appearance: Belichick against Brady, Belichick against Kraft, almost everyone against Guerrero, Gronk against the inescapable force of time. Should be a fun season!

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