Report: Tom Brady's Quack Doctor Banned From Patriots' Planes And Sidelines

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Alex Guerrero has maintained a strange relationship with the Patriots since 2013. He operates the TB12 therapy center next to the Patriots stadium, where he treats players, and his relationship with Brady affords him access to Patriots sidelines and the team plane. However, a day after rumors surfaced regarding a simmering disagreement between Guerrero and Bill Belichick, the Boston Globe now reports that Belichick has barred him from the sidelines this season and revoked his plane privileges.

Belichick declined to elaborate why, although it could have something to do with Guerrero being sued twice for fraud. Guerrero also once sold products that he claimed could cure cancer and concussions and, more recently, he’s been helping develop and push Brady’s nonsensical “wellness program.” Belichick also banned Guerrero from training any players besides Brady, an arrangement that began while Guerrero was under investigation for practicing without a license (he was later cleared).


Brady also has been characteristically cagey about the beef between Belichick and Guerrero. Maybe he’ll be better after another tasty, ice-cold NeuroSafe.

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