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Screenshot: TMZ

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Isaiah “Zay” Jones has been arrested on a charge of felony vandalism after breaking glass doors and windows at an apartment building in Los Angeles, according to police. It appears to get a lot weirder from there.

The official statement from a Los Angeles police spokesman is this: “Yesterday at about 11:20 pm., officers were called to respond to the 900 South Figuroa location where a person, Isaiah Jones, was said to be breaking windows and glass doors at the location. Officers responded and took him into custody, at which point he was booked for felony vandalism.”


But add to that the video obtained by TMZ, which broke the story. According to TMZ, the video shows Zay, who is naked, and his brother Cayleb grappling in the hallway of an apartment building, before Zay runs by him and a woman screams. The video then jumps to showing blood smears on the walls. At some point, TMZ reported, Zay Jones “entered a public balcony area and smashed his foot through a window.”

You can see the full video, as posted by TMZ, below:

Online jail records showed that Zay Jones had not been released from jail as of Tuesday night.

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