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Report: Cubs' World Series Trophy Damaged At Theo Epstein's Charity Concert In Boston

Photo: Paul Beaty/AP
Photo: Paul Beaty/AP

Theo Epstein and his brother Paul run the charity Foundation To Be Named Later, and every year, they host a benefit concert called Hot Stove Cool Music. Since Epstein’s Cubs came to Boston last week to play the Red Sox, the brothers hosted a show headlined by Eddie Vedder, and Theo brought both the Sox’s 2004 World Series trophy and the Cubs’ 2016 trophy for some reason. The trophies were reportedly backstage, but as Vedder was playing the finale, they somehow got passed around the crowd.

According to a report from the Boston Globe’s Mark Shanahan, the fragile trophy lost a few flags while getting drunkenly passed around:

Problem is, the Commissioner’s Trophy, as MLB’s ultimate prize is called, is fragile. It weighs 30 pounds, but it features 30 little gold-plated flags — one for each MLB team — that apparently can break very easily. We’re told that at least a few of the flags on the Cubs trophy snapped off while it was making its way through the crowd.


Still better than what Joe Lacob may or may not have done with the Larry O’Brien trophy.

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