Report: Curt Schilling To Pull Himself Up By His Bootstraps, Get A Job

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Ex-MLB pitcher and former ESPN analyst Curt Schilling will take a job with Breitbart, according to Gabriel Sherman of New York magazine.

Sherman reports that the network will announce the hire Monday. Schilling will be responsible for a “daily online radio show featuring political commentary and calls from listeners.” After ESPN fired Schilling in April for sharing hateful memes on Facebook, the former baseball pitcher experimented with his own livestreams and eventually put together a call-in radio show, The Curt Schilling Show.


In the weeks after his firing, Schilling had hinted at finding a job. “I think I’m getting ready to go to work in a position that’s likely to make the far left heads explode,” he wrote on Facebook on April 29. In May, I had checked to see if that position might be at Fox Sports, but they passed. I had also asked Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow if his company was interested in hiring Schilling; Marlow didn’t respond.