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Report: DraftKings And FanDuel Being Investigated By New York Attorney General

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In seemingly inevitable news, the New York Times reports that New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has demanded the two duopolistic daily fantasy companies—DraftKings and FanDuel—provide a truckload of information as he looks into “the prospect that employees of daily fantasy football sites have won lucrative payouts based on inside information not available to the public.”

In a letter to both companies, Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman demanded the names, job titles and descriptions of any employees who aggregate and compile a wide range of data that perhaps could be used to gain a personal advantage — including ownership percentages and pricing algorithms. Mr. Schneiderman also demanded that the companies turn over details of any internal investigations into their employees, including the one at the center of the current scandal, Ethan Haskell of DraftKings.


Earlier today, on Outside the Lines, Darren Rovell reported that according to a FanDuel spokesperson, DraftKings employees have won 0.3% of all money won at FanDuel. According to Rovell FanDuel has given out “close to $2 billion” in its history, meaning DraftKings employees have won in the neighborhood of $6 million, assuming FanDuel is telling the truth here. And if they aren’t, Schneiderman is going to find out.

The two companies’ problems with the law don’t end with Schneiderman. Last month Frank Pallone, a member of the House of Representatives from New Jersey, called for the Energy and Commerce Committee to hold hearings to “review the legal status of fantasy sports and sports betting.” Meanwhile, the New York Times adds that Representative Hakeem Jeffries has asked the Judiciary Committee to look into the industry, and Pallone and Senator Robert Menendez have asked the Federal Trade Commission to regulate safeguards in daily fantasy.

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