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Report: Florida State Football Players Were Suspects In Frat Turtle's Gruesome Death

Photo: Jeff Gammons/Getty Images
Photo: Jeff Gammons/Getty Images

Florida State kicker Ricky Aguayo and tight end Ryan Izzo appear to have been involved in some type of feud with a frat at the school, and somehow, this resulted in the death of a different frat’s pet turtle, named “Turntle.”


Here’s a timeline of sorts: Aguayo says that on Dec. 2, 2016, he was heckled and beaten by members of Pi Kappa Phi for missing two field goals in the Seminoles’ Nov. 26, 2016 game against the Florida Gators. (Pi Kappa Phi was shut down earlier this month after pledge Andrew Coffey’s death, which was the reason the Tallahassee Democrat discovered the Aguayo incident in Tallahassee Police records.) Aguayo called Izzo to come and help him home after he was beaten up, but didn’t press charges. TMZ had video of the Dec. 2 fight:

Two months later, a frat member at Phi Sigma Kappa—a different frat, on the same street as Pi Kappa Phi—found Aguayo, Izzo, and a mononymous guy named “Shane” (seriously, according to the report) on the first floor of the frat house, which had been trashed, with one of the players holding a dead turtle named Turntle:

Fraternity member Daniel Furmanski, who was awoken by loud “celebratory chants coming from the living room,” spotted one of the football players holding the house pet turtle, named “Turntle.”

Its shell was ripped from its body, according to the police report, and it appeared dead.

The fraternity brother told police it was unclear who killed the turtle. He never confronted the football players nor asked them to leave. Fraternity members told police they did not know Aguayo or Izzo personally and had no issues with the football players.

The frat did not press charges, because according to the police reports obtained by the Democrat, no one witnessed the turtle actually being killed. But from this series of events, it sure sounds like an intricate revenge plot might have ended up with the death of an innocent turtle. Prayers up to Turntle.

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