Report: Former Brown Johnny Manziel Is Living With Suspended Brown Josh Gordon

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Johnny Manziel was spotted in Los Angeles over the weekend by a TMZ pap, and the former Browns quarterback said that all is well in his life. Manziel claimed he was living with Broncos linebacker Von Miller, who was his college teammate at Texas A&M. Today, ESPN reported that Manziel is actually sharing a place with currently suspended Browns receiver Josh Gordon. Huh.

The TMZ video from Saturday:


A partial transcript, after Manziel was asked about his image:

Here’s my image problems. Listen, I’m living out here with my guy Von Miller. Everybody knows Von Miller. Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller, my brother. I’m living with him right now. We’re getting all right together.


And the ESPN report:

Manziel’s comments were made in the West Hollywood area. Manziel briefly commandeered the TMZ camera before the videographer started asking him questions.

However, sources tell ESPN that the quarterback is actually not living with Miller. Instead, the sources say, Manziel is living with Cleveland wide receiver Josh Gordon in an apartment off of Sunset Boulevard.

Gordon has been suspended by the NFL three times for violating the substance-abuse policy, and is still in limbo after applying for reinstatement for the 2016 season. Manziel has domestic abuse allegations hanging over his head and a history of going to extreme measures in order to party, which would be whimsical if it weren’t so painfully clear that he has a legitimate substance-abuse problem of his own. The Browns cut Manziel in March in order to get away from him, and also because he was bad. And here the two are, with the Browns facing the prospect that one of their players—possibly on his final chance for staying in the league—is living with a player they gave too many chances to.