Report: I.K. Enemkpali Got Catfished By A Guy Under A Blanket Hiding In The Dark

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I.K. Enemkpali, better known as the guy who broke Geno Smith’s jaw, is in the news again, this time for something much, much crazier. According to Outside the Lines, Enemkpali missed his 2011 season opener while attending Louisiana Tech because “he injured his hand when punching a man he thought was a woman with whom he had arranged to have sex.”


The details were revealed in a police report Enemkpali filed three days after the incident:

According to the police report, on Sept. 1, 2011, Enemkpali began exchanging messages with a new Facebook friend named “Missy Lee,” who offered to perform oral sex on Enemkpali if he would come over to her house. He told police that after he entered the house through a side door, he saw a figure inside “covered head-to-toe in a blanket,” and the person would not remove the blanket. “Enemkpali stated that he felt uneasy about the situation, so he left,” the report states.

But Enemkpali returned to the house after “Missy Lee” called him and convinced him to come back. When he arrived, the person wearing the blanket still refused to remove it and also refused to turn on the lights. When a cellphone in the room rang, “the screen lit up the room enough to see that the person under the blanket had facial hair,” the report states. Enemkpali said another person had also entered the room.

“Enemkpali stated that he felt that he was being ‘set up’ for a robbery of some type,” the police report states. “Enemkpali stated that fearing for his safety, he then struck the subject in the blanket. Enemkpali stated that after he struck this person, their voice changed to that of a male. Enemkpali stated that he then left the residence through the window.”


Afterwards, “Missy Lee”—police found he was really a man named Ketryn Anderson, and ESPN reports his Facebook says he is “senior pastor and founder of Life Community Church”—demanded $1,000 from Enemkpali for breaking his teeth, but Enemkpali was only willing to pay $500. When the threats continued, Enemkpali went to the police.

Outside the Lines reports that numerous NFL teams were aware of the incident, and it affected Enemkpali’s draft stock. An NFL spokesman told OTL that “the matter remains under review,” though it’s unclear why the NFL would care about a four-year-old incident in which Enemkpali was the victim that didn’t result in any charges.

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