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Former Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin made contact with the victim days after the incident, according to documents filed by attorneys for one of the four former Vanderbilt football players on trial for rape charges.

Brandon Vandenburg's lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the case against their client or take action against the prosecutors because "crucial and material information to the defense of VANDENBURG was destroyed or not preserved."

The document alleges that 55% of video surveillance on 14 campus cameras had been deleted, and text messages and phone calls were missing from Franklin's phone and the phones of two other coaches. The motion also contained allegations regarding Franklin and communication with the victim.

Via The Tennessean:

Referring to records, the attorneys said the victim was contacted by Franklin and Galt during a medical examination four days after the rape to explain "that they cared about her because she assisted them with recruiting."

It went on to say that at some point, "Coach Franklin called her in for a private meeting and told her he wanted her to get fifteen pretty girls together and form a team to assist with the recruiting even though he knew it was against the rules. He added that all the other colleges did it."

The Tennessean reached Franklin—who's now the head coach at Penn State—by phone, though he declined to hear the details of the motion.

Update: Deputy district attorney Tom Thurman said that Franklin's contact with the victim did not tamper with the case, and "there's no indication that Coach Franklin had any improper involvement in this case."


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