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Report: Jared Remy Threw Hot Coffee, Soap At Fellow Inmate

The Middlesex Sheriff's Office filed a complaint last week that Jared Remy had attacked another detainee while awaiting trial, and would be charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. The complaint was released in more detail today, and Remy allegedly used all items at his disposal to attack the fellow inmate.

According to the report posted by WCVB, Remy believed that Jemery Hodges was a child molester. Hodges claimed that the two had never talked. His statement:

I was watching TV and minding my own business when REMY threw hot coffee in my face. REMY started to attack me with a chair and punched me several times.

I never had any words with REMY and don't know who he is. All I know is that he called me a faggot when he punched me.


Remy also allegedly threw a bar of soap at some point. The son of Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy admits that he wasn't exactly sure who Hodges was, but he thought Hodges was a child molester.

Remy had also been attacked by a different inmate named Hector Sanchez on March 31, but did not press charges. He still awaits trial for the death of his girlfriend, Jennifer Martel.


Read the full complaint here.


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