The main focus of this season's 76ers is their constant, intentional failure, but here's some news about one of the players they actually care about: Joel Embiid. He's reportedly flabby and not following his conditioning.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has the scoop from anonymous sources, so take that into account. The report claims Embiid, who isn't playing this season while he recovers from a foot injury, recently got into an argument with a 76ers conditioning coach:

Embiid has a weight issue. Although the Sixers wouldn't disclose his weight, a source said he's close to 300 pounds after being 250 pounds at Kansas last season.

His work ethic is being questioned by some inside the organization.

And a blowup with assistant strength and conditioning coach James Davis is one of the reasons he was sent home during the team's recent West Coast road trip.


The photo at the top of this post—Embiid is on the right—was taken on Jan. 16. Are you not convinced? Well, how about this distant video of a shootaround from Saturday?

We need shirtless Embiid to reach a conclusion.

Update: Joel!


Photo: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images Sport