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If there’s one thing you can say for Jonathan Papelbon, it’s that he just does not give a shit about potentially making things awkward at his workplace.


You probably remember the Nationals slapping Papelbon with a two-game suspension after he decided to choke Bryce Harper in the dugout. Now, according to reports from WEEI and the Washington Post, Papelbon has filed a grievance against the Nationals, seeking to recoup the $284,000 in pay that his suspension cost him. According to the Post, Papelbon is coming at the team with a pretty basic argument:

The person familiar with the situation said the main argument of Papelbon’s camp is that there is no precedent for a team-issued suspension over such an incident.

I mean, I guess? But also, there isn’t really much precedent for an angry thumb trying to strangle a franchise cornerstone in his own dugout. Putting aside the validity of Papelbon’s grievance, what’s really funny about this is that there is a half-decent chance Papelbon is still on the Nats’ roster come opening day. The team would probably prefer to trade him, but he’s still owed $11 million in 2016, and moving an 35-year-old closer who is making that much money is no small task.

The good news for the Nationals is that if Papelbon wins his grievance, they can pay him with all that money they probably saved by boning Drew Storen.


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