Report: Julian Edelman Rages At Harvard, Party Had A Dope Guy-Girl Ratio

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BroBible has photos of Patriots receiver Julian Edelman, reportedly at a Final Club in Harvard Wednesday. Players Kyle Arrington and Michael Buchanan were there too, though there aren't any photos of them lifting up their shirts.

There are a few emails confirming details in the post, but this was my favorite, as it explained the importance of the girl-guy ratio, as well as the ratio of Harvard and Boston University students:

Probably doesn't matter, but BU sorority girls weren't the only girls on the list to get in last night. Though we typically prefer not to be at parties where the ratio is 1 Harvard girl to 7 BU girls, (or 1 girl in general to 8 Guys, but bless the [name redacted] for getting that ratio) there was still a decent amount of girls that actually attend the school where they were partying.



Update (5:29 p.m.): Here's a video of Edelman lifting his shirt up for the ladies, via The Boston Calendar. Looks like the party has a totes sick raish.

And a couple of photos:


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