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Report: LeSean McCoy Arrest Warrant Impending, Will Turn Himself In

Illustration for article titled Report: LeSean McCoy Arrest Warrant Impending, Will Turn Himself In

An arrest warrant for LeSean McCoy, on charges related to a bar brawl in Philadelphia early Sunday morning, is expected to be issued as soon as today, and McCoy’s attorney says the Buffalo Bills RB will turn himself in if and when he’s charged.


Police investigators have sent their findings to the D.A., according to WPVI-TV, and recommend charges including aggravated assault on at least two off-duty Philadelphia police officers. Two were hospitalized (and since released) with injuries including a broken nose and broken ribs for one, and stitches and a possibly skull fracture for another. ESPN reports that a third off-duty cop has filed a police report, which may be what’s holding up the arrest warrant.


According to police, the assault started with an argument over a bottle of champagne in the after-hours club, and led to McCoy and three friends, including college teammate T.J. Porter and former NFL RB Curtis Brinkley, attacking the men.

“The video we’ve seen clearly indicates that they were being stomped and beaten and struck while they were on the ground,” the attorney for one of the officers said. “So for anybody to characterize this as a bar fight – this was aggravated assault that occurred in a bar – plain and simple.”

That video may be tricky—surveillance video from inside the club is apparently not available, as the cameras were not working. There are a couple of videos shot by people inside during the brawl, but it’s hard to make out what’s happening and who is involved. TMZ aired this video yesterday:

The off-duty officers involved in the fight are not expected to be charged, according to WPVI’s police source.

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