Report: London Fletcher's Family Involved In Altercation With Cleveland Fans, Aunt Suffers Heart Attack

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Following the Redskins' 38-21 win over the Browns in Cleveland, several members of London Fletcher's family were reportedly involved in an altercation with Browns fans that resulted in three arrests and one hospitalization. Fletcher is a Cleveland native and this was the first NFL game he played in his hometown.

According to the family, "Cleveland police used Tasers during the incident, which resulted in the arrest" of two of Fletcher's cousins, Hasaan Robinson and Douglas Robinson as well as an unnamed nephew.

Nita Ashford, a Cleveland school teacher and a relative of Fletcher, told NewsChannel5 that her family was attacked by angry Browns fans as the family left Sunday's game. During the attack, Fletcher's aunt, 57-year-old-Evette Robinson, suffered a heart attack and was rushed to MetroHealth Medical Center, where her condition at this time is still unknown.


We'll update accordingly.

Update 9:55 p.m.: There appears to be video of a portion of the altercation and its aftermath.

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