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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Report: Michelle Beadle Is Leaving ESPN For NBC

As expected, it looks like Michelle Beadle is leaving Bristol. Those Guys Have All The Fun author Jim Miller tweeted today that the Beadle "ESPN era is over." It appears she is headed to NBC. Miller said she will serve as co-host for Access Hollywood (alongside Billy Bush), will host a "new show," and cover major sporting events in some way.


With Beadle's departure imminent, what about all those other ESPN stars in their contract years? Apparently, Van Pelt's contract expired almost two weeks ago, but he's continuing along with the network without one. Miller said today that Scott Van Pelt and Erin Andrews are "still figuring out" what they're doing next. (Sports by Brooks, which has been on top of this stuff, tweeted that Van Pelt and ESPN agreed to a deal, but two sources told us that they do not have an agreement yet.)

And if you're Erin Andrews right now, how are you feeling? Good news: Beadle, her nemesis, is gone. And the bad news? She will not find an offer anywhere close to the cushy one that Beadle is getting from NBC.

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