Report: NFL Owners Didn't Actually Vote On The New Anthem Policy

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Yesterday, Roger Goodell proudly unveiled the NFL’s new policy regarding players and the national anthem. A lot of people hated it and President Donald Trump loved it, but the league made sure to note that the policy passed with a “unanimous” vote by the owners. That’s what mattered, that the obscenely rich guys approved. Now ESPN’s Seth Wickersham reports that there was never a formal owners’ vote—as there usually is—and the NFL just did a little informal polling and thought everyone would be cool with it.

From the report:

Sources said league executives polled owners and knew how they would vote but didn’t hold an official tally, which is atypical for a major resolution.


Already, three team owners have taken the opportunity to distance themselves from this policy. Niners owner Jed York said he abstained, and Wickersham reports that Raiders owner Mark Davis did too. Jets chairman Chris Johnson said he’d pay for any fines if players wanted to demonstrate during the pregame anthem.

It’s wild that the policy of “players can demonstrate or protest where no one can see, which nullifies the purpose of demonstration or protest” wasn’t a bigger hit, and now the NFL has to scramble while ownership “sources” disavow having anything to do with this stupid project. Ah well. Maybe they should give it another shot.