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Photo: Larry Busacca (Getty Images)

The Jacksonville Jaguars are working hard to move on from the limp efforts of Blake Bortles and will reportedly sign Nick Foles and his giant schlong once free agency opens up on March 13. The belief is that the team’s AFC Championship appearance two seasons ago was just the tip of their potential and a quarterback like Foles can thrust the Jaguars right back into postseason contention.

While there was speculation of other suitors willing to take in everything Foles had to offer them—Washington and Miami, for example—it appears that only Jacksonville was keen on using this man to fill a hole in the roster. Because of the lack of interest, the Jaguars get the benefit of being able to offer Foles a cap-friendly contract, so as not to get shafted financially in the long run.


What this ultimately means for the team’s chances in their division remains to be seen. Foles faces stiff competition from opposing quarterbacks Andrew Luck, Deshaun Watson and even occasionally Marcus Mariota, and has to worry about the tough defenses of those teams swallowing him whole. Still, he doesn’t have the performance issues that Bortles has displayed over the last four seasons since coming to Jacksonville. Foles has shown what he’s made of when it matters most when he put together one of the most jaw-dropping postseason runs in recent memory.

The Jaguars’ success with Foles at the helm will ultimately come down to whether the defense can hold firm while the offense does just above the bare minimum to not screw things up—which feels pretty doable for someone his age. It’s got to feel great to know a team doesn’t expect you to be the cock of the walk.



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