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Report: OSU Women's Hockey Coach Told Players To "Get Horny" For Puck

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Nate Handrahan resigned Monday after four seasons as Ohio State's women's hockey coach. Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith and human resources director for athletics Kim Heaton received a report that day detailing Handrahan's inappropriate conduct towards players, including his use of telling them to "get horny for the puck."


The complaints about Handrahan ranged from sexual harassment to unprofessional behavior. Ray Stein of the Columbus Dispatch had details:

Handrahan, according to witnesses, made sexual comments or innuendos about female players and their relationships with their boyfriends and that he routinely used sexually explicit or vulgar language during practices and in games. Witnesses said that he occasionally implored his players to "get horny for the puck" during practice, a term that players found inappropriate.

Witnesses also said that Handrahan regularly speaks to players in a belittling or condescending tone, and several described him as a "bully." In one instance, according to the report, a player asked Handrahan to stop yelling at her during a meeting and the coach responded by saying, "I haven't yelled. Do you want me to show you what yelling is?"


"Get horny for the puck" is a landmark in bad coaching.

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