Report: Patrick Kane's Accuser Will No Longer Cooperate With Investigation

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Over the weekend, the Buffalo News reported that it appeared unlikely that the rape accusation against Blackhawks star Patrick Kane would go before a grand jury, let alone result in criminal charges. Now we know why: Kane’s accuser has reportedly told prosecutors she no longer wants to cooperate with the case.

The Buffalo News reports that the woman approached investigators last week, and signed a document called an “affidavit declining prosecution.” The ultimate decision lies in the hands of Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita, but sexual assault cases are notoriously difficult to prosecute without the cooperation of an accuser. This move makes it almost certain that Kane will not face charges.

The woman has told authorities that the high-profile investigation has caused tremendous stress for her and her family, and that she no longer wishes to participate.


In mid-September, it was reported that Kane and his accuser had been involved in weeks of settlement talks, a claim denied by Kane’s attorney.

The investigation into what happened at Kane’s Western New York home on Aug. 2 has taken three months and gotten ugly and weird on all sides, most recently when the accuser’s mother staged an “elaborate hoax” to make it appear that a rape kit had been tampered with.


Despite some criticism, the Blackhawks never shied away from playing or supporting Kane throughout. Through 12 games he leads the team with seven goals and nine assists.

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