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Scott Weitzell, a staffer on the New Hampshire men's basketball team, was accused in February of 2014 of secretly taking photos of players in the locker room after a game. He was fired a few days later, and when police searched his house, he attempted to destroy evidence. At the time, Weitzell received a suspended sentence dependent on good behavior. Today, the university released its findings from an independent investigation, and found much more about Weitzell's behavior.


According to UNH's findings, Weitzell had a reputation among the older players, who told the rookies to stay away from him. Weitzell—whose nickname was "Whitey"—reportedly "gravitated toward a couple of players each year who were disadvantaged African American players on the team with less stable family support systems and no connections to UNH." At a point, Weitzell's behavior was more or less an open secret amongst players, who held back from reporting the staffer because they weren't sure what he was doing was illegal.

More from the report:

Player 8, Player 1, Player 5, Player 6 and Player 11 were walking as a group to the showers. The locker room at Stony Brook has a long hallway to the showers, approximately a 20 yard walk. Most of the players will strip and walk to the showers with a towel around their waist. As the players walked to the showers, Weitzell pointed his phone at them. Weitzell was attempting to be discreet by hiding his phone behind a piece of paper, specifically a post-game statistics sheet. Weitzell held the stats sheet in front of the phone to obscure it. Player 1 and Player 6 noticed it, but Player 8 and others did not.

Player 1 said "watch out for Weitzell, I am pretty sure he was just videotaping us." Player 5 replied out loud, "We won the game, I am so happy I don't care if he gets me today."


There's details of the photos police found when they arrested Weitzell on Feb. 21, 2014:

Weitzell unsuccessfully attempted to delete data from his phone when the police arrived at his residence. The police recovered a large amount of still photographs and videotaped images of UNH student athletes on Weitzell's phone. Most of the images consisted of close-up photographs of the nude buttocks of African American males in locker rooms. Through investigation, the police identified most photographs as images of current or former UNH basketball players. Some of the photos contained pictures of the exposed genitals of African American males.

The full report is below.


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