Photo: Bill Wippert/AP

This won’t come as a surprise, but the Buffalo Bills are “preparing to part ways” with head coach Rex Ryan, according to Adam Schefter.

The team plays the 0-13 Browns today, then gets the Dolphins at home and the Jets on the road. Buffalo’s best possible record would be 9-7, and it’s still technically in the playoff hunt for now, but chances of everything breaking its way are highly unlikely, to put it nicely.

Considering where the Bills were at the beginning of the season, it’s impressive that Ryan hasn’t been fired yet. The team started 0-2, with the second loss an ugly Thursday night defeat at the hands of the Jets, and Ryan was in the perfect spot to be an early coach firing. But the Bills rattled off four straight wins, including one over the (Jacoby Brissett-led) Patriots. Since then, Buffalo has been streaky, mostly beating bad teams and folding against any competitive ones.

Over the past few seasons, Ryan’s image has turned from a successful player’s coach full of bluster to a failing, quiet man. Even hiring his rowdy twin brother Rob to coach the Bills’ defense didn’t help. Losing makes Rex boring. If he’s fired, he’ll have to reset his act with a new team, but will it be as a head coach?

It’s not ridiculous to say that Ryan’s chances are running out. If I were throwing darts at a board, he could impress the Jaguars in an interview and stay on the East Coast, but the more realistic scenario is that he takes a defensive coordinator job with a better team. With a head coaching record of 60-65, Ryan’s opportunities to be in charge are getting slim.