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Guess who reportedly doesn't like the idea of benching the franchise quarterback and using the backup the last three games of the meaningless season? (It's the franchise quarterback.)


According to Ian Rapoport of, Griffin is "extremely angry" at being shut down by head coach Mike Shanahan, sitting idly while Kirk Cousins finishes the march of sadness that is Washington's 2013 season. Griffin's such a dedicated player, and it's admirable that he wants to keep at it, but it's a little dumb.

Look at it through Shanahan's perspective. He's probably getting fired some time soon, if you believe reports about his relationship with owner Dan Snyder. Last season, in the playoff game against the Seahawks, Shanahan kept Griffin in too long after he got hurt, and instead of ending an impressive season with an understandable playoff loss, it concluded with the rookie quarterback seriously wrecking his knee.


What does Griffin have to play for? Worse draft position? Whether or not his knee is bothering him, Griffin's still been disappointing. He's a turnover machine, with 12 interceptions and 11 fumbles. His offensive line can't keep him up; he's been sacked 38 times, fifth-most in the league. This new Sad RG3 is a different person.

Regardless of when Shanahan out of Washington, does he want to be the coach who let the quarterback with so much potential get knocked around for no reason? Even if Kirk Cousins blows everyone away in three inconsequential games, Griffin will still have the job in 2014. The wisest choice is keeping Griffin on the sidelines, not giving him any chances to run for a useless first down with the grace of a toddler with an oversized head. The long term is what matters now.

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