Reports: Mike Shanahan's Probably Leaving Washington Soon

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You can tell that the Skins are a catastrophe from their 3-9 record, but today's reports reinforce the team's shittiness with the relationships involving owner Dan Snyder, head coach Mike Shanahan, and Robert Griffin III.


Dan Graziano of ESPN dropped a report earlier mentioning how Shanahan didn't like the special treatment that Snyder gave Griffin, making him feel "bigger than the team." Other players, like backup Kirk Cousins, weren't given the same attention.

Shanahan reportedly wanted to resign after the playoff game against the Seahawks, amicably leaving the team regardless of outcome, but when Griffin injured his knee, Shanahan chose to stay. He didn't want to be seen as jumping ship on the team. And so he stayed on for this season, which now seems like a bad choice. (Although, if he did leave right after Griffin's injury, people most likely would have come to his predicted assumptions.)

Shortly after Graziano's report, Mark Maske and Jason Reid of the Washington Post filed their own article about how "some in Redskins management" were furious to hear about Shanahan's possible resignation last season.

From Reid and Maske's report:

Some Redskins officials questioned the timing and motivation behind those sentiments becoming public, the people with knowledge of the situation said, and added that a parting of the ways between the team and Shanahan appears increasingly likely.

“I don’t know that it can be fixed now,” one of those people said.

Multiple people with knowledge of the thinking of Redskins officials said members of the team’s management wonder whether Shanahan is hopeful of leaving the organization to be a candidate for the Houston Texans’ head coaching vacancy.

So from media accounts, Shanahan's departure is more of an inevitability than a possibility. Washington was down 38-10 at halftime to the Chiefs. That probably doesn't help matters.

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