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Jeremy Lin is the first casualty in the post-LeBron NBA dogpile. Woj is reporting that the Rockets are closing out a deal with the Lakers to send Lin to the Lakers to clear out cap space to sign Chris Bosh.

Here are the terms of the deal:


Lin hasn't been great in Houston, where he never really fit alongside James Harden. He was middle-of-the-pack in WS/48 and other broad metrics, but he did have his moments. When he was driving and attacking the rim, he was actually one of the most productive drivers in the league. That should be useful in Los Angeles, where Steve Nash is decaying, and Kobe returning from injury probably won't be able to pull an impromptu point guard role like he did two years ago.

Meanwhile, Bosh is meeting with McHale today, so we're pretty far from being done here. Continue holding onto your butts for the time being.

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