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Report: Russell Wilson Has Fucked, Plans To Fuck Again

Photo credit: Alberto Rodriguez/Getty Images

Russell Wilson and Ciara got married three months ago. The happy couple recently said that they had done it (sex) to each other, and per a report from E!, they might very well be expecting a child.

E! dances around declaratively stating any of this as a fact, and as a rule, celebrity pregnancy reports should be taken skeptically. However, that’s not exactly important for our case, because that’s not what’s interesting. While we already know that the happy couple claims to have humped, according to E!, Wilson wants a “big family.”

While she has not commented on the speculation, two sources do tell E! News the 30-year-old is expecting.

“Ciara is pregnant and is so excited to be a mom,” one source told E! News. “Russell [Wilson] would like to have two to three children. They both would like a big family.”


That’s right; according to this report, not only have they fucked, they will fuck again.

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