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Perhaps the saddest part of the imminent end of the NFL regular season is that we have but 10 more days to watch the Bears melt down, before their coach, quarterback, or both, are sent packing to more functional climes. Savor this while it lasts.

Per ESPN Chicago, two Bears veterans say that some in the locker room are "confused and uncomfortable" with what they perceive as unfair discipline for Jay Cutler when compared with Marc Trestman's lack of punishment for Aaron Kromer, who revealed that he was an NFL Network reporter's anonymous source for a story on the team's disappointment with Cutler's play.


Oh, make no mistake, those Bears don't have any problems with Jimmy Clausen getting the start; Cutler's been terrible. But it sounds like they're wondering why Cutler gets hung out to dry for the whole team's problems, while Kromer—who brought them out-of-house—gets off with what they describe as "basically a slap on the wrist."

(It's actually a very good question what Trestman hopes to accomplish by sitting Cutler now. The explanation I've seen floated is that he's hoping to save his own job by pinning the team's all-purpose offensive failures on the quarterback, but that's not going to work. They're playing the Lions, and Clausen is probably going to be a disaster, and who the hell is going to want to trade for Cutler this offseason with that massive cap hit of his? The point is, Marc Trestman doesn't seem to have a point.)

Trestman is about to hold his first press conference since benching Cutler. Should be fun!



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