Report: Spanish Basketball Team Cut Former University Of Memphis Player For Taking Penis Enlargement Pills [UPDATE]

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Roburt Sallie apparently never informed the team he was taking ExtenZe, and the team was concerned all that testosterone would trigger a positive drug test. [Larry Brown Sports]

UPDATE (11:46 p.m. EST): Sallie did an interview with Gary Parrish of CBS to straighten out what must be a really hard situation for him. Sallie said he did not take penis enlargement pills, as the team claimed, but rather sexual potency pills. He was drug-tested in November, and as part of it, he was asked about anything he might have taken. Sallie said he wrote down that he took "a male enhancement pill," saying "it's something I've tried, it's my personal business, and I'm proud to say I did it." Parrish, meanwhile, closed out the 11-minute interview by saying of Sallie, "His penis is fine," before adding that a mutual friend had once "described him as amazing." The more you know. The entire 11-minute interview can be heard below: