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Bay Area ABC7 sports anchor Mike Shumann was sent home from San Antonio and kept off the air for Sunday’s Warriors-Spurs game after he was caught stealing the jacket of the Golden State Warriors’ director of team security, according to The Athletic.


Shumann, a former NFL wide receiver who won a Super Bowl with the 49ers in 1981, was reportedly seen grabbing the item while leaving a Warriors practice at San Antonio’s arena last week. Warriors assistant coach Jarron Collins recorded a video of Shumann taking the jacket of Ralph Walker, who’s also Steph Curry’s bodyguard.

Shumann reportedly tried to apologize to several players, and he has not been on TV since the incident. But The Athletic report says “several prominent players” have raised concerns that Shumann would possibly have faced quicker and harsher discipline if he weren’t white:

What if a media member of color had been caught stealing a team employee’s property? Would swifter action have been taken to terminate an alleged thief, and would the incident have gone public sooner?

According to multiple sources who cover the team, several prominent players have voiced these concerns and are indicating that they will not brush this incident aside.

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