Report: Tennessee Titans Trade For DeMarco Murray

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The Tennessee Titans—whose leading rusher had just 520 yards last season—will trade for Eagles RB DeMarco Murray when the new league season begins on Wednesday, according to Adam Schefter.

DeMarco Murray had a pretty disappointing season, after signing a big-money deal to be LeSean McCoy’s replacement. He rushed for a thousand fewer yards than he had the year before, and groused about his role in Chip Kelly’s offense. The Titans will be hoping that Murray’s woes were caused by Kelly’s offense, rather than the possibility that he’s just an okay running back that put up a monstrous season behind a stacked offensive line.


As for the Eagles, we don’t know yet what they are getting in return for Murray, if anything of value at all. Previously today they sent Chip Kelly pickups Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell to Miami for draft pick compensation, as new head coach Doug Pedersen remakes the Eagles in his image. Getting rid of Murray as well helps clean up the books, but leaves Ryan Mathews as their best remaining running back. Except, reportedly, they’re trying to trade him too.

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