Report: The Blackhawks Have Suggested That Patrick Kane Seek Counseling

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Three weeks back, we shared with you a reconstruction of Patrick Kane's drunken Cinco de Mayo weekend in Wisconsin. Kane, sources told us, was thrown out of bars and frat houses, for, among other things, choking a girl and making anti-Semitic comments. The cops were involved, at one point, but he wasn't charged.

Now, according to a report from Adam Jahns in the Chicago Sun-Times, the Blackhawks have expressed concern about Kane's boozing:

GM Stan Bowman said"We're obviously disappointed with how it played it out, and Patrick is aware of that fact. But at this point, it's a private matter. I think, out of respect for Patrick, we're not going to comment further. We're going to look forward and try to focus on things in improving our team leading into the summer."

But the Hawks are more than just disappointed in Kane. A team source told the Sun-Times that some in the organization have suggested that Kane seek help.

"He's obviously got some issues," the source said. "How many more times can these things happen? It's a much bigger thing than some photographs in a 48-hour window."


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