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If, sometime between now and Friday, Paul George opts out of next season with the Thunder, he’ll become the NBA’s second-hottest free agent. How should a team entice such a player? The Los Angeles Lakers, likely front-runners in the pursuit of George, have devised a pitch as inspiring as a pre-flight airplane security video. got a hold of a leaked voiceover proposal that appears to be a pitch aimed at Paul George, as it’s titled “Two Dreams” and makes frequent reference to George’s hometown of Palmdale, Calif. If the actual text leaves you cold, just keep in mind that the voiceover artist was asked to skew “less Morgan Freeman/Denzel Washington, and more Jamie Foxx.”

When you were just a kid

In your room
Dreaming from Palmdale

We were dreaming too.

While you dreamt, we built - built for your arrival

And while we dreamt, you built too
Becoming one of the world’s greatest.

Life’s most powerful dream are the one we realize ourselves.

The ones that turn us into legends.
That kid from Palmdale always knew it
Now the world will, too


Can’t blame LeBron James for wanting to skip this shit altogether.

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