Report: The NBA Will Fine J.R. Smith If He Doesn't Cover Up His "Supreme" Logo Tattoo Next Season

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Wait a minute, this isn’t the NFL.

The NBA has reportedly informed Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith that he will be fined for every game that his “Supreme” logo tattoo is not covered on his leg, according to Shams Charania. Smith took to social media to vent his frustrations about this incredibly stupid league decision.


While this does come as a slight shock to those who believe the front offices of the NBA are American sports’ City Upon a Hill, the league is still a business and it likely has to do with the Association not wanting to promote another brand that it does not have a direct relationship with. It’s also worth noting that the NBA banned Supreme’s NBA shooting sleeve after Kelly Oubre Jr. wore it last season.

This should ultimately serve as a reminder that leagues aren’t going to do much that will hurt their bottom line. Sure, the ruling seems more up the NFL’s alley as it pertains to player appearances, but the NBA is the league that requires players to stand for the national anthem, a policy created well before it became a topic in the NFL. That being said, the NBA did recently announce that it was lifting color restrictions on players’ sneakers for the upcoming season, so I guess this sort of decision does feel pretty regressive in comparison.