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Report: Then-Baylor Regent Calls Female Students "Perverted Little Tarts" For Drinking

Photo: Vaughn Ridley/Getty
Photo: Vaughn Ridley/Getty

The Waco Tribune-Herald has a report detailing the contents of emails included among documents filed in one of the six ongoing Title IX lawsuits against Baylor University. The emails are from then-University Regent Neal “Buddy” Jones, and they’re really, really ugly.


This should give you an idea of where this is going:

According to the exhibit, Jones emailed photos, which were not included in the filing, of then-Baylor students at a party where alcohol was allegedly served to underage students and prospective members of a Greek organization. Davis was the group’s faculty adviser.

“I am an old district attorney and will produce more evidence if I need to,” Jones wrote. “Please don’t make me. All of this should be sufficient … I would take this one to trial and would win it outright.”


The emails were sent to Tommye Lou Davis, who was the associate dean of the classics department and honors college at the time, and the thrust of the emails seems to be that the ten women alleging sexual assault and suing Baylor should buzz off, because they drank some alcohol.

“This is a group of very bad apples,” he wrote. “No wonder Standards won’t deal with infractions. They are as guilty as others. It is insidious and inbred. Worse than the BAA.”


“I am just sick,” he wrote. “Those perverted little tarts had better be thanking their lucky stars that my guns are all aimed at a worse group of insidious scoundrels than themselves for the time being.”

Jones left the Board of Regents at Baylor in 2013. Earlier this year he was added as a defendant to a lawsuit filed by former Baylor associate athletic director Tom Hill, who has accused Jones of “pulling puppet strings” since leaving the board to influence personnel decisions at Baylor, and of participating in a conspiracy to shift blame around for the university’s disastrous response to reports of rampant and unpunished sexual assault.

The Title IX lawsuit in which the emails were included accuses the university of “using the alcohol policy as a pretext to shame, silence and threaten to expel a female student.”

“The document is direct evidence of discrimination by the highest of Baylor officials against a female student,” according to the plaintiffs’ filing. “It is direct evidence of a Baylor official using off-campus lawful use of alcohol as a pretext to trigger code of conduct sanctions, and a Baylor nexus between alcohol use, sexual promiscuity and low character.”


You can read the whole report here. The emails in full are below.

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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