Report: This Is Terry Francona's New 20-Something Girlfriend [UPDATE: Nope!]

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A few months back, the Boston Globe wrote, more or less, that deposed Red Sox manager Terry Francona spent the 2011 season popping pills and wallowing in the wreckage of his failed marriage. The paper said he lived in a hotel all year.

Well, the dog days are over for poor Tito, reports Busted Coverage.

They would like you to meet Vanessa, Francona's new "Alleged 20-Something Rebound Beef." These photos were from Foxwoods in October, and Busted Coverage has fixated on the young lady's hand placement, which seems to indicate friendliness. Francona, who will be on staff at ESPN this year, has probably made the right decision by looking outside Bristol for his alleged 20-something rebound beef.


UPDATE (Feb 22, 11 a.m.): Busted Coverage has apologized, saying they were duped by a phony tipster. I guess this means Tito is back to wallowing, beef-less.

This Is Allegedly Terry Francona's 20-Something Rebound Beef [PHOTOS] [Busted Coverage]