Report: Tim Marchman Named Editor Of Sports Blog

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According to a report from Capital New York, Deadspin deputy editor and weird cereal fetishist Tim Marchman will be named the site's editor-in-chief, replacing the departing Tommy Craggs.

Craggs, who will be overseeing editorial operations for all of Gawker Media after three years as Deadspin's EIC, reportedly made the announcement in a podcast with also-former-Deadspin-boss Will Leitch earlier today. (We didn't listen to it.)

Per Capital's Jeremy Barr:

Asked by Leitch about his successor, Craggs demurred at first, and then named Marchman. He seemed at first to be joking, and Leitch responded with a laugh.

But, it's true, Craggs said. "He's the guy," Craggs told Capital of Marchman.

Craggs said that his Deadspin duties end Jan. 1.

"Say 'Craggs couldn't be reached for comment,'" Craggs said as he paced back and forth in the office, stressing over accidentally announcing the move before he should have.


Marchman, who worked for several failed and failing publications prior to joining the site in July 2013, will operate out of Deadspin's Chicago bureau. His biggest splashes in his tenure as deputy editor include obtaining a Baseball Hall of Fame vote and turning it over to readers, getting blacklisted by Zuffa for his UFC coverage, getting important things violently wrong, and being a weirdo who deletes his Tweets.

Marchman declined comment on the Capital report.

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