Report: Tom Brady's Personal Guru Was Sued For Fraud Twice

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One of the highlights revealed in the Tom Brady email dump was his adherence to the teachings and theories of one Alex Guerrero. Guerrero is Brady’s business partner, body coach, and friend, and Brady has defended Guerrero even as numerous allegations of fraud have come out against him. The FTC investigated Guerrero products twice, one of which was Neurosafe, a drink he claimed prevent concussions. Yet Brady still pushed him on people, including Vancouver Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini.


Boston Magazine reported last night on further fraud that Guerrero has been involved in. Back in 2011, boxer Genaro “Chicanito” Hernández accused Guerrero of defrauding him to the tune of $200,000.

Hernández was quoted making similar allegations in a Spanish-language interview with ESPN Deportes. In that 2011 article, he said that he’d given Guerrero $200,000, and that Guerrero said he’d pay it back in monthly increments of $4,000. But, Hernández told ESPN, he never saw a dime, and Guerrero vanished.

The report also revealed that Guerrero was sued twice in Utah for fraud.

Now, Boston has discovered that while Hernández never took legal action against Guerrero, others did: Two lawsuits in Utah show that half a dozen investors alleged Guerrero committed fraud and swindled them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The actions described in the lawsuits take place after the FTC had sanctioned Guerrero for Supreme Greens but before the agency had contacted him about NeuroSafe. According to one lawsuit, Guerrero wooed investors with claims that Brady and other athletes had a financial stake in the company, and said the company would benefit from the endorsement of Brady and a new line of cosmetics marketed by his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

Guerrero allegedly sold investors on his medically useless products by invoking Brady’s name as well as embellishing the success of his previous business ventures. Brady continues to defend Guerrero, but it’s unclear whether or not he actually was an investor. MYONATURAL, a very pyramid scheme-looking Guerrero product, does however have a testimonial from Brady on its website. Guerrero settled out of court in both suits.

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