Report: Vernon Davis And Joe Staley Fought Over Colin Kaepernick

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Like all bad teams eventually do, the San Francisco 49ers have reached the “players-only meeting” stage of their season, and they’re already off to a strong start.

According to CSN Bay Area, the 49ers held a players-only meeting after their Oct. 4 loss to the Green Bay Packers, and at one point it devolved into a confrontation between tight end Vernon Davis and left tackle Joe Staley:

Tight end Vernon Davis called out Kaepernick and left tackle Joe Staley jumped to Kaepernick’s defense, according to multiple sources and first reported by The exchange became heated and may have even gotten physical, sources told


Kaepernick has been terrible this year, but the 49ers’ problems are so myriad that it’s impossible to lay all of the blame on him. Then again, it’s easy to see why Davis would be feeling frustrated—it’s hard to make a living as a pass-catching tight end when your quarterback apparently can’t be trusted to throw it on third down.

Photo via AP

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