Reporter Who Saw Video: OSU RB Carlos Hyde “Appeared To Slap” Woman

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And now comes a report that conflicts with a report about whether Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde assaulted a woman at a Columbus nightclub over the weekend.

On Monday night, Yahoo's Charles Robinson, citing a source who saw the video, reported that the surveillance footage from Sugar Bar 2 "appears to clear" Hyde because it shows that Hyde did not strike the woman with his hand, which is what the woman told police.


But Mindy Drayer, a reporter for NBC4 in Columbus, saw the video herself and has a completely different read on the situation. The video, Dryer said, shows Hyde and friends arriving at the bar and then engaging in a conversation with the woman. After that?

The video then shows Hyde pointing at the woman's face, saying something to her, and turning away from the situation. At that point, the video shows the woman batting or swatting at Hyde, but it was unclear if she made physical contact with Hyde.

Drayer reports that Hyde turned back in response, and that he stepped toward her and appeared to slap the woman in the face.

After the contact, the video shows the woman grabbing her face and turning to her friends, Drayer said. The video then shows Hyde leaving the area.


Police have identified Hyde as a person of interest in the case. He has not been charged. The case is still being investigated, and Hyde remains suspended from the Buckeyes pending the inquiry's outcome.


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