Reports: Astros' Manager And GM Definitely Not Getting Along

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It's rarely a good sign when Ken Rosenthal declares that your club is "dysfunctional on multiple levels."

Writing at Fox Sports, Rosenthal cites multiple sources in reporting a rift between Astros manager Bo Porter and GM Jeff Luhnow, which has already gone all the way to the top.

Porter expressed his frustration with Luhnow to owner Jim Crane in a conversation earlier this month, sources said.

Luhnow and Crane declined comment. Porter also declined comment, saying, "My focus is on managing and finishing the season strong."

Porter's frustration stems from a lack of input and from his belief that Luhnow engages in excessive second-guessing of his in-game management, sources said.


The Houston Chronicle, too, independently reports on a "heated battle" between the manager and the GM.

Meanwhile, here's yet another soft-focus piece on the Astros' analytical approach, which seems a little silly now. (Sample line: "Luhnow has done to the Houston Astros what Mitt Romney used to do to steel companies while at Bain Capital: stripped them down with ruthless efficiency to build them back up again, stronger and better than before.") At least when SI declared Houston the 2017 World Champs, it was written before their internal trade talks were hacked and they alienated some players by fast-tracking an undeserving prospect and they pissed off the MLBPA by dicking over their first-round pick. They're exactly like the A's, only with more maladjustment and less success!


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