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Illustration for article titled Reports: J.R. Smith Investigated For Chucking A Dudes Phone Outside A Bar
Photo: Jamie Sabau (Getty)

J.R. Smith doesn’t seem to have let fucking up the NBA Finals for LeBron stop him from enjoying his summer. According to TMZ and the New York Daily News, Smith was partying in New York this past weekend when he grabbed a nosy fan’s phone and hurled the damn thing into a construction zone. Now, he’s reportedly being investigated by the NYPD.

TMZ reports that the incident happened outside The Park in Chelsea. The fan apparently tried to snap a photo of Smith after he was warned not to take any, and Smith responded by tossing the phone. From TMZ:

We’re told ... Smith allegedly approached the fan and snatched the phone out of his hand and then launched it into a nearby construction zone. The fan claims his $800 phone was damaged and he has filed a report with police.


It’s pretty easy to imagine the scene unfolding like this given that Smith has a history of getting into mild and entertaining spats with randos on the streets of New York. Maybe the NYPD will cut him some slack just for the burden of being J.R. Smith right now.

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