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Reports: Jeb And Jeets Are Splitsville

Photo credits: Getty Images
Photo credits: Getty Images

Folks, our worst fears have seem to have come true: Jeb and Jeets have reportedly gone their separate ways, bringing an end to their joint pursuit of the Miami Marlins.

Both the Associated Press and the Miami Herald are reporting that Jeb has dropped out of the quest for the Marlins, leaving Jeets to try to secure the necessary funding on his own. Based on the Herald’s report, it sounds like Jeets kicked Jeb to the curb, not a gift basket in sight:

An MLB source briefed on the Marlins’ sales talks said an issue had arisen regarding whether Bush could be the group’s “control person” — in essence, the managing general partner — while having so little of his own money invested in the deal.

Bush was investing less than $20 million of his own money toward the $1.3 billion sales price, according to a source with direct knowledge.

The source would not go as far as to say MLB would not allow Bush to be the control person under those circumstances, but said it had become a problematic issue in recent days. An MLB spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


An associate of Bush said he knew of no friction between Bush and Jeter but was aware that Jeter had interest in being the “control person,” a title Bush had wanted for himself.


When will Jeb be loved?

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