According to numerous reports, the Colorado Rockies have traded star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki to the Toronto Blue Jays. Ken Rosenthal reports LaTroy Hawkins is also going to the Blue Jays, while Jose Reyes and prospects will be heading back to the Rockies.

This is a pretty interesting trade of two big-money shortstops. Tulowitzki has at least five years and $98 million left after this season, while Reyes has at least two years and $48 million left. Both deals were signed in 2011, and both players have expensive team options tacked onto the end that are unlikely to be exercised.

The Rockies haven’t sniffed the playoffs since 2010, and are just 42-55 this season. Unless they’re getting top prospects back from the Blue Jays, it would seem that this move is basically about saving the around $50 million that is the difference between Reyes and Tulowitzki’s contracts. At 32 Reyes is turning in a solid season, but he’s not as good as Tulowitzki.

At 50-50, the Blue Jays are three games behind the Twins for the second and final Wild Card spot, and are seemingly counting on Tulowitzki and his .300/.348/.471 slash line to lead them there.


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